Mindful Mondays

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The Gaia Den

This weekly event is our kick off for the week ahead, the Den is open for a variety of purposes. You can stop by, grab a weekly read or consultation, hang out and soak in the Gaia vibe, come journal etc. There is no set time to show up in the afternoon hours, feel free to come and go... However, when specific things are listed like discussions, Q & A times etc, I will list the time so you can be here to participate. You can still come and go as needed, of course, but the time will be listed as a point of reference. NOTE: ~Some Mondays will close with a Yin or Restorative yoga, some Mondays will end with a Meditation. When those activities are listed for Mindful Mondays (nights) you will need to be at the Den by the appointed time. At that time, the Den will be held as it is during 'regular' yoga or meditation classes and the door locked. Details will be listed weekly so you will know what the late evenings/nights consist of, but the afternoon hours will ALWAYS be open for you to come and go, as needed. How to participate: Show up anytime in the afternoon! If there is a planned discussion or Q & A on tap, the time will be posted so you won't miss out. Think of this as similar to our commUNITY Days! If you are booking Tarot or Consultation, you will need to schedule an appointment, like normal...unless otherwise noted. Sometimes I offer "mini reads", and no appointments are required at that time. As stated above, some Mondays will end with meditation or yoga. When those activities are listed, simply be here at the appointed time, like regular class! Regular prices apply for Readings, Consultations, Classes. *If you have the "Gaia All Access" bundle, any class on Monday is INCLUDED!