Astrology 101 (Sun/Moon/Ascendant)

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The Gaia Den

We hear people say, “I’m a Pisces, it’s in my nature” or “I’m a Scorpio, I can’t help it” etc… But in reality, we are so much more than our Sun sign, we are a totality of our natal charts. Some people don’t acknowledge or represent all the traits of their Sun, for example and others resonate more with their Moon (just a quick example) In this class, we will be talking about what some call “The Big 3”…our Sun, Moon & Ascending sign (AKA Rising sign) ✅ Bring a notebook and your chart, if you have questions and would like some help understanding your “big 3”. Note: this is not a full chart analysis, that is a separate service Class is $15 Class is included in the “All Access” monthly package *Full chart readings are available, contact the page for information