Summer Solstice Meditation (Cacao & Sound Healing)

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The Gaia Den

Teaming up once again with Ceremonial facilitator & sister, Angie Conrad….join us in honoring the turning of the wheel ~I’ll be leading a discussion on the history, energies & alignments of the Summer Solstice for the first part of the event. ~Angie will then lead us into ceremony with cacao & I will be offering sound healing. We will alternate with prompts & guided visuals, supporting you along your journey. If you are unfamiliar with cacao, below is some important information. Contact Angie directly with questions concerning medications: The Spirit of Cacao is a heart opening, heart knowing plant medicine (most widely known as chocolate) ~Cacao is 100% raw and naked, unroasted, free from fillers and sugar, it is an alchemical-nutritional, consciousness altering sacred plant, healer & teacher. ~Cacao is known to be an embodiment elixir, inviting us to ground into our physical bodies, our roots, our healing that needs expressed, our purpose. ~In this event, you will experience a ceremonial hot brew of sacred cacao, crystal singing bowls & guided breath. You will be guided and supervised by a certified cacao ceremony facilitator and a certified breathwork facilitator (Angie & Joanie). ~Opening our hearts is the most important work we can do as human beings in service to ourselves and others. Cacao helps us to open wide our voice, our vulnerability, our authenticity, our stories withheld....and the deep wisdom within. TO ALL WHO WISH TO PARTICIPATE, THE FOLLOWING IS IMPORANT: 1) The day of ceremony, limit your caffeine and substance intake, as they will alter the effects of pure cacao, please fast 2-3 hours prior to ceremony. Water will be readily available for all present. 2) MEDICAL NOTICE: The MAOI'S in cacao interact poorly with anti depressants. If you are on anti depressants, have high blood pressure, are pregnant, please notify us beforehand so we can safely prepare you an appropriate, smaller dose of cacao. SPOTS ARE LIMITED to 15 (17 MAX, due to supply) MUST PRE REGISTER This gathering is an investment of $44 *Use the PayPal link provided or drop off payment to one of us at the coffee house, or the Den **due to the limited spots & nature of event, there is a no refund policy unless canceled by facilitators