Sound Healing at the Sanctuary

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WILD ROOTS Coffee House

Come relax at The Pigment Sanctuary inside Wild Roots Coffeehouse from 12:00-2:00p and enjoy the healing music created by Selomon with live instruments including flute, singing bowls, rain stick, and more along with ambient music during the Sound Healing at the Sanctuary event. This will be the first time trying out a sound healing in this space. Some guidelines to follow as you enter the space during the sound healing: -Come work on anything you'd like quietly. -Respect the space and focus on your own space and let others tune in to theirs. -This will be by donation. There will be a donation jar by the entrance, but there is no requirement monetarily to enjoy this event. Come and relax from 12-2p at the Pigment Sanctuary. Bring stuff to work on if you'd like. Just be mindful and enter quietly.