New Moon Cacao & Sound Healing

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The Gaia Den

Welcoming the first New Moon of ‘23! She will be in the sign of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. I’ll be offering a brief chat on this fixed Air sign and how she blends with the energy of this new moon while Angie is preparing the Cacao! She will be offering the plant medicine of Cacao and guiding you through the ceremony. Once we have partaken, I will be guiding you through moments of ‘inner alchemy’ through sound & breath. IMPORTANT: If you are unfamiliar with Cacao, please read the following info and contact Angie with any questions ~Cacao is 100% raw & naked, unroasted, 100% free from fillers and sugars. It is an alchemical-nutritional, conscious altering plant healer & teacher. MEDICAL NOTICE: The MAOI’s in cacao interact poorly with anti depressants. If you are on anti depressants, have high blood pressure, are pregnant, contact Angie BEFORE YOU REGISTER. This is simply a precaution of integrity and consciousness, and respect for you, the spirit of Cacao and the experience you seek.). IMPORTANT: •To attend & partake of Cacao, you must pre register. Spots are limited to 20 for Cacao. Use the link provided in ticket section. Exchange is $25. •To attend but NOT partake of Cacao, no pre registration is required. You can ‘pay at the door’, message for a ticket link or stop by the Den during business hours. The exchange is $15 (included in certain monthly packages). Non refundable unless event is canceled by facilitators. Non transferable unless approved by facilitators.